Friday, January 3, 2014

34 Weeks and some resolutions!

Baby is about 5.5 lbs. and between 19-20 inches long. My Braxton Hick's contractions have begun and man they hurt. They feel like really intense menstrual cramps. I really hope they don't this strong for the next 5-6 weeks. We had a checkup today and everything looked good. My blood pressure was a tad elevated but she didn't seem too concerned. She said it tends to creep up a little toward the end. I have a cuff at home so I will continue to monitor it.

I am still feeling pretty good considering I am extremely pregnant. The insomnia has been helped by Unisom. My heartburn is getting out of control though. Even the Zantac doesn't seem to be helping much. I am still working out, just not as often. Here is my workout recap for December:

12/1 walked 3 miles
12/3 25 minutes of ZUMBA
12/4 walked 1.5 miles
12/9 25 minutes of ZUMBA
12/16 40 minutes of ZUMBA
12/17 40 minutes of ZUMBA
12/19 walked 2 miles
12/21 40 minutes of ZUMBA
12/22 40 minutes of ZUMBA
12/25 walked 1 mile
12/30 40 minutes of ZUMBA

1/1 walked 2.25 miles

I am down to the weekly visit schedule at the doctor which is really exciting! 

I also wanted to post my resolutions/intentions for the upcoming year:

1. Get my blog back on track. It has kind of turned into me not posting/when I do post it is all about pregnancy. I can't wait to document my baby weight loss journey. I am getting really really excited about being able to work out full force and start Weight Watchers again. I love that Weight Watchers has a program for breastfeeding mamas!
2. That brings me to my next one-- lose my baby weight! I got really freaked out the other day thinking about having to take off a whole 6 weeks from exercising. I have had a difficult time slowing down my workout schedule because I feel so guilty when I don't work out. I am just hoping that the exhaustion mixed with the awe of a new baby will keep my mind occupied and off of wanting to workout!

I also have a few intentions that I am carrying over from last year:
  • Continue to eat healthy and incorporate more clean eating into my diet
  • Learn to let go of emotions and thoughts that do not enhance my spiritual and physical well-being
  • Deepen my meditation and prayer practice and spend more time in God's word
  • Work on viewing exercise as a form of worship rather than a punishment 
  • Be more mindful of my words and actions toward others
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend-- stay warm! 

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  1. You look wonderful Mama! Don't worry too much you are gonna kill it in the weight loss department!

  2. Okay, this might (will) sound dumb, but your last list got to me. Your intentions that were carrying over from last year... One of them is to view working out as a form of worship instead of a punishment and I have honestly never even thought of it that way before (and I LOVE Jesus!). :) I work out - but I've always viewed it as something to "get through" - now I can't wait for Monday's run and to focus on how grateful I am to have a body that is capable of doing it and really honoring Him and praising Him for allowing me that. Anyway, thanks for that tidbit. I love new perspectives!

    And also? Your baby bump could not be any cuter. Can't wait to see pics of that sweet baby! :)

  3. You look fantastic! And I think you will have no problem with weight loss even with a 6 week break. Not that I know from experience or anything, but I think working out during your pregnancy definitely helps with that & you have done well that. No stress, you can do it! And yay for once a week visits. It's getting closerrr!


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