Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hey guess what?

I haven't posted since January 9th. Oops.
I also haven't posted a bumpdate since 34 weeks. Oops.
So, here we go... I have a lot to update on! Here are some weekly pics from the past few weeks:

One of Adam's coworkers made this for the nursery!

Another one of his coworkers made all of these personalized burp cloths for us as well. He clearly works with some talented people!

Hitting up the gym with the hubby.

Here are some final nursery pictures. We are in a rental house so I didn't want to "go all out."

I tried some Eggplant Parmesan to help bring on labor. Clearly it didn't help :(.
I have felt pretty good over the past 6 weeks. I had a short period of not being able to sleep at the beginning of my third trimester but Unisom really helped and now I am sleeping like a champ sans Unisom. I mean, of course I wake up quite a bit but I easily fall back asleep. I am glad that I am getting some good sleep before the baby gets here!

I have been having painful contractions on and off for several weeks now. It is so frustrating because as soon as I get my phone out to time them they go away. I am getting so anxious! My due date is TOMORROW. We are also getting a HUGE snow storm today/tonight so that is adding to the anxiety!  I know that a lot of first pregnancies go past the due date but with all of these false alarms I keep getting my hopes up and I am then disappointed. I have an appointment today (weather permitting) so hopefully I will get some good progress news!

Did any of you go into labor (naturally) on or near your due date? I need some hope here!!!

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  1. i did! with my second I went in to labor on my due date! 9 hours later he was here! .. I hope you have a quick delivery and easy recovery!!! .. your life is about to change :)

  2. I went into labor on my own and my daughter was born on her due date. Good luck, Sarah!

  3. Wow! I can't believe your due date is already tomorrow! You look great!

  4. LOL.. I'm not laughing but I only went into labor once naturally out of the three times I was pregnant and they ended up moving things along because things weren't progressing after my water broke. ooppss. The other two were induced because I'm a stats nerd and know when I got pregnant. Plus they were always 9+ lbs. Good luck girlie you are a beautiful pregnant girl and I hope for a speedy and safe delivery.


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